The USS Arizona Bell

[ Music, bell ringing, jets overhead ] >> On December 4th, 2016, the University of Arizona community gathered on the mall to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor — >> — the fallen American heroes — >> — and to dedicate the new uss Arizona Mall Memorial. >> — and pay […]

World War II Vet Honored with Purple Heart

Tonight — a local war hero — is honored for his service. (he) clinton baer is one the few remaining survivors of pearl harbor. Now — decades later – he’s being recognized — and today — he was presented with the medals he earned serving our country (mm) eywitness news reporter kelly sullivan has his […]

Pearl Harbor – USS Bowfin TOUR (WW2 Submarine)

Just arrived to Pearl Harbor. We are going to check it out and see what is left. I’m standing right at Pearl Harbor. That white structure is an uss Arizona’s Memorial and other battle ships. Kaja: So Where is that Arizona? ondrej: Ehm, It’s under that white memorial. And this is Hers anchor. Kaja: And […]

Pearl Harbor Payback

Paul Shull: it’s december 7, 1941. You’re a 19-year-old sailor stationed at pearl harbor, a day like any other. Suddenly, you hear the drone of the aircraft, the air raid sirens. Look up, and hundreds of japanese aircraft are coming straight for us. We are under attack. [bombs whistling] the planes obliterate the u. S. […]