Pearl Harbor – USS Bowfin TOUR (WW2 Submarine)

Just arrived to Pearl Harbor.

We are going to check it out and see what is left.

I’m standing right at Pearl Harbor.

That white structure is an uss Arizona’s Memorial and other battle ships.

Kaja: So Where is that Arizona? ondrej: Ehm, It’s under that white memorial.

And this is Hers anchor.

Kaja: And What is that boat? ondrej: i don’t know.

We have picked this tour into uss Bowfin sub.

|front torpedo room| 🇨🇿 |Predni torpedova mistnost| Shower kaja: When i went to tour at nasa, It looked similar, just that one was into space and this is underwater.

Kaja: It’s insane What humans can endure.

So small here.

|control room with periscope| 🇨🇿 |Mustek s periskopem| ondrej: How it’s going Captain? kaja: That looks like in Titanic.

Do You remember that? Kitchen ondrej: Come! kaja: i don’t know If You are taking a picture or video.

Kaja: And don’t yell at me.

😀😂 ondrej: Look at these engines.

|rear torpedo room| 🇨🇿 |Zadni torpedova mistnost| |uss Bowfin facts: Diesel-electrics submarine, Launched on Dec 7th, 1942.

95 meters long, Tested depth: 120 meters.

37,5 km/h speed on surface, 16,2 km/h submerged speed.

| |Range about 20 000 km.

Endurance about 48 hours at 3,7 km/h speed.

75 days on patrol.

Complement 10 officers and 70 men.

| 🇨🇿 |Fakta o uss Bowfin: Diesel-elektricka ponorka vypustena 7.

Prosince 1942.

Delka 95 m, testovana hloubka 120 metru.

Muze plout 37,5 km/h na hladine nebo az 16,2 km/h pod vodou.

| 🇨🇿 |Dosah asi 20 000 km.

Ponorena vydrzi asi 48 hodin pri rychlosti 3,7 km/h.

Delka mise az 75 dnu.

Posadka: 10 dustojniku a 70 muzu.

| Another video is coming soon.

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