World War II Vet Honored with Purple Heart

Tonight — a local war hero — is honored for his service.

(he) clinton baer is one the few remaining survivors of pearl harbor.

Now — decades later – he’s being recognized — and today — he was presented with the medals he earned serving our country (mm) eywitness news reporter kelly sullivan has his inspiring story.

New at six.

(ks) clint baer is a survivor.

And a proud american.

He joined the united states army-air corps in 1940.

He survived the attack on pearl harbor — and went on to proudly serve in the united states pacific campaign — and guadal-canal campaign.

(ks) because of the injuries he received during his service — baer earned a purple heart.

During a special ceremony in warwick this afternoon — rhode island senator jack reed re- presented him with that award — along with three others he earned while serving — the asiatic-pacific campaign medal with four bronze stars.

A world war two victory medal — and the honorable service label button during his service.

Now – at age 98.

Baer says he’s overwhelmed — and grateful for today’s ceremony – that’s been a long time coming.

[” well, Its been quite a few years now — and they started asking me about my experiences, so, i opened up and told them what i could.

“] this is a way not only to recognize this gentleman- also recognize a whole generation of americans who served – but current men and women who are serving because they’re inspired by his sacrifice and they serve because they know he served.

(ks) in addition to those awards baer earned during his time in service — his unit also received the distinguished unit badge in 19-43.

Kelly sullivan, ewn.

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